From The Head

Dear Parents

We hope you will find this website interesting and informative and that, if you are new to our community, you will decide to visit our school with your family.

In St. Mary's we aim to create an orderly, welcoming environment where the Gospel values of love, peace and justice are reflected in the behaviour of all members of the school community. Prayer and worship play an important part in our daily school life. Through getting to know Jesus our pupils learn how to behave in an acceptable manner and the importance of love and respect for all. The journey we are all undertaking is one which we hope will have a positive impact upon others.

We concern ourselves with each individual in the school community. Each person is unique, talented and gifted, full of possibilities Our children are the future and are encouraged to develop their full potential in every area through the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum which is suited to the individual's needs and stage of development. Every child has the right to feel safe, valued, respected, listened to and taken seriously and every child should aim to develop every aspect of themselves to become a strong, confident, independent person.

Strong links between Home, School and Parish are of great importance and we strive to maintain and strengthen these in as many ways as possible. Together we can provide the best start to education and through that the best grounding for life.

On behalf of governors, staff and pupils,

"A culture of high expectations
for all ensures that pupils and teachers aspire to
achieve their best. Pupils exhibit a love of learning" Ofsted March 2016

"To the greater glory of God"

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