From The Head

Dear Parents and Children,

Welcome to St Mary’s school website

As existing parents reading this letter you will know how unique this school is and, as prospective parents or other welcome visitors, you will soon discover how all the children and staff are truly ‘learning and loving on our journey with Jesus’.

All children experience the Gospel values of love, peace and charity on their learning journey and it soon becomes clear to visitors, from the front office to the youngest pupils; that everyone in our school community genuinely cares for each other. It has been wonderful to witness how the wider community is served through fundraising opportunities. These are embraced with such enthusiasm by everyone across the school – especially for our ‘twin’ school in Anguilla which was destroyed by Hurricane Irma; at the time of writing we have raised nearly £3,000.

However, everyone is also unique and we continue to recognise that the school community is made up of individuals; children, parents and staff. Everyone has different talents and needs and all have potential, some yet untapped, and we continue to recognise the achievements of children beyond the academic as well as celebrating attainment, hard work and a growth mind-set.

As this website shows there are strong links between home, school and parish which are vital in the health of this school. We all have a part to play in ensuring these ties are

Finally, these values still ring true as we continue our journey:

1 Corinthians 13:13, ‘so these things continue forever: faith, hope and love. And the greatest of these is love’.

Welcome to the love of St Mary’s Catholic Primary School.



"A culture of high expectations
for all ensures that pupils and teachers aspire to
achieve their best. Pupils exhibit a love of learning" Ofsted March 2016

"To the greater glory of God"

School website: ClockTowerWeb