Special Needs

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy

SEND Local Offer and School SEN Information report (also under policies) - January 2018 version awaiting approval

Mrs Tempest (Special Needs Coordinator), Mrs North (Inclusion Manager) and all the staff continue to provide individual programmes for any child who is falling behind or has SEN. We are very fortunate to have such an experienced staff including our LTAs. Changes in SEN mean that fewer children are on the SEN register but we still provide support as and when a child needs it. We have 4 statemented children in the school, 14 on school action plus and 10 on school action. Members of staff are currently working on transition for the Year 6 children and the 2 statemented children have undertaken a series of visits to their new schools with our staff.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Policy

Currently 25% of the children have more than one language, in fact a growing number have three languages or more. Due to changes in the EMAS provision (Ethnic, Multicultural Achievement Service) we have now employed our own specialist teacher for one day a week. Mrs Sharma was previously employed by EMAS.

Able, gifted and talented (AG&T) Policy

Every child is talented in some way and opportunities are provided both within and beyond the curriculum to enrich and extend all children. At the upper ages children are encouraged to strive towards the level 6 papers for reading and maths. Within the curriculum setting is used to extend the more able in maths throughout the school and for phonics across foundation stage and key stage 1 and in the upper juniors. In all lessons work is provided to extend the more able.

Special event, including off timetabled weeks eg Book Week or the range of Olympic events, enable children to use their considerable talents and develop their independent learning skills. Each week assemblies and the newsletter celebrate children's achievements out of school. Within school there are many clubs to cater for children's interests. 


The school is all on one level and all teaching and public spaces are accessible either directly or via permanent ramps. The school has two disabled toilets and a designated parking space adjacent to the front door of the school.

"A culture of high expectations
for all ensures that pupils and teachers aspire to
achieve their best. Pupils exhibit a love of learning" Ofsted March 2016

"To the greater glory of God"

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