Rewards and Sanctions

At St Mary's our entire school community endeavours to follow our mission statement, putting Jesus and His teachings at the centre of all we do by treating each other with love and respect.  Children are encouraged through our reward system.

Each week teachers award an achiever's star for the child who has produced outstanding work. In addition merits are awarded for thoughtfulness, outstanding behaviour, good manners or helpful acts to others. Six merits produce a golden merit. Stars, merits and golden merits are awarded at merit assembly each week. Our light at merit assembly is a child who has been an exceptional example of a St Mary's pupil over the preceding week. This stewardship award is marked with a certificate.

Sanctions for poor behaviour are clearly set out in the school's behaviour policy.

"A culture of high expectations
for all ensures that pupils and teachers aspire to
achieve their best. Pupils exhibit a love of learning" Ofsted March 2016

"To the greater glory of God"

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